Road Hazards That Knock Your Wheels Out of Alignment

Wheel alignment is important in not only reducing the wear and tear on your tires but also in how you control your automobile. JTR Repair warns that there are many things that can knock your wheels out of alignment. The list below has common road hazards that wreak havoc on your vehicle’s suspension, including the alignment and your tires. Try to avoid them when you can.


Sometimes, automobile accidents are unavoidable, but even a minor fender-bender can knock your wheels out of alignment. If you’ve been in an accident, have your alignment checked to make sure the collision did not knock it wacky.


Bumps are also hard to avoid, and there are plenty of bumps in the road no matter where you drive. It’s important to pay attention to what is ahead of you, and if you see a large bump coming up that you cannot avoid, slow down and drive over it slowly.


Road construction can be hazards that will knock your wheels out of alignment, including driving over the steel plates they used to cover openings in the road. Slow down in construction zones not only to protect the workers but also to protect your wheel alignment.


Curb hazards are murder on your wheel alignment. When you hit a curb as you go around it, you slam the wheel inward, which is not a natural direction in which it should go. Each time you hit a curb, you slowly knock that wheel further out of alignment.


Parking space markers can also knock your wheels out of alignment, especially if you have a bad habit of hitting them hard or driving over them. These markers are designed to control how people get in and out of parking spaces.


Potholes are like bumps; you can’t always avoid them. It’s important to go through potholes as slowly as you can. Don’t worry about traffic or angering other drivers. Potholes are very difficult on your wheels and tires, so take them slow.

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are designed to control speed which is why flying over them can damage your wheel alignment, your suspension, and your tires. Don’t fly over speed bumps for fun. Drive over them as slowly as possible.

JTR Repair, Inc., in Crawfordsville, IN, can realign your wheels if they are misaligned. Signs they are include your vehicle pulling to the right or left and your steering wheel logo being off-center. Call us today for an appointment.

Photo by stacey_newman from Getty Images via Canva Pro