AC Service and Heating

AC Service / Heating

At JTR Repair, we pride ourselves on being the mechanic that you can trust with all types of vehicle repair services and that includes your car’s air conditioning system. If you are looking for the best vehicle AC repair in Crawfordsville, IN, you need JTR Repair.

Auto AC Service

The best time to have your vehicle’s air conditioner serviced is before the heat of summer sets in. So before that heat starts to creep in, schedule an appointment for auto AC service with JTR Repair. We will inspect your entire AC system for leaks or signs of damage. If your refrigerant is low, we can also perform an AC recharge to keep you nice and cool all summer.

Auto AC Repair

Nobody wants to be without a working air conditioner in their car, particularly in the middle of summer. After all, who likes showing up somewhere looking like a sweaty mess. If your air conditioner isn’t performing properly, don’t put it off, make an appointment today so you can get back to feeling comfortable.
Some of the signs that your vehicle’s AC is going out include:

  • A foul smell coming from the vents
  • Low air pressure blowing from your vents
  • New or unusual noises when you turn the AC on
  • A leaking dashboard
  • The air coming from your vents isn’t as cool as it used to be

If you are experiencing any of these issues, JTR Repair is here to help.

Auto Heater Repair

While your vehicle’s AC system keeps you cool in the warmer months, your vehicle’s heater takes the heat from your radiator to keep you warm and toasty in the winter. In fact, if your heater is acting up, it could be a sign of trouble in your cooling system and should therefore not be ignored.

If your car’s heater isn’t warming you up, it is time to make a call to JTR Repair.

Cooling System Repair

Anytime your engine is running hot or overheating, it isn’t a good sign. In fact, it can lead to serious damage and even total failure. Your vehicle’s cooling system is responsible for lowering your engine’s temperature by circulating coolant through the engine and then whisking it away to the radiator to be cooled back down.

AC Repair Near Me

JTR Repair wants to keep your engine nice and cool by providing the best auto cooling system and radiator repair Crawfordsville, IN has to offer. Our ASE Certified mechanics have all the expertise and equipment it takes to repair all of the components of your cooling system so you can avoid overheating.

If your vehicle’s air conditioner, heater, or radiator are acting up, call the professionals at JTR Repair to schedule an appointment today.

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